Yukigassen… THE snowball fight of all time - On reservation only

Everyone remembers playing outside throwing snowballs and the famous quote “La guerre, la guerre, ce n’est pas une raison pour se faire mal!” (The war, the war… it’s no reason to hurt each other) from the classic movie La Guerre des tuques (The Dog Who Stopped the War)! Well, here’s your chance to engage in THE snowball fight of all time with your coworkers, friends, or family!

Yukigassen combines hockey, dodgeball, and capture the flag. This sport was invented by the Japanese in 1987. It combines technique, quick decision-making skills, strategy, and wit. The objective is to take out your opponents and steal their team flag.

Click here to watch the video (french only).

In 5 rules…

• Players must be placed in front of their blue line, and hold as many snowballs as possible in their hands.

• Each game lasts for three periods and each period is three minutes of active play. Each period is separated by a one-minute break.

• Players cannot throw snowballs to their teammates, but they can roll them across the field to other members of the team.

• In order to be “out,” players must be hit by a direct snowball. The snowball must not touch the ground, blocks, or another player. Once a player is “out,” he or she must leave the field.

• The period ends if a team captures the other team’s flag, if all the players of one team are “out,” or if the time is up.

• You can watch a comprehensive video of the rules by clicking here.

A resource person will be available during your activity to answer your questions.

Will you be part of THE snowball fight of all time?

Photo credit: gorgedecoaticook.qc.ca

Photo credit: yukigassenquebec.com

Complete rules for this sport can be found at yukigassenquebec.com

Fees (including taxes) Adults and children (on reservation only)
Reservations mandatory for 14 people or more

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