Rent private rooms – Not available in 2020

Useful information

The room on the 2nd floor of the campsite reception is available for rental during low season. Below are some features of the rental space:

  • Furniture available: 20 rectangular tables (10 people), 5 round tables (10 people) and 130 chairs are available.

  • Items which are not provided with rental facilities: Decorations, tablecloths, catering service, musician and a valid liquor license (visit the website of the RAJQ to apply for a permit).

  • The tenant agrees to clean the room and return it to its initial condition. Failure to comply will encounter $20/hour fees (plus taxes).


Please complete and return the room rental agreement to the following e-mail address: Each request must be approved and upon approval you will be contacted in order to arrange necessary logistics surrounding the room rental.

Rental contract

Meeting rates

Half day
(4 hours)
(8 hours)

Taxes are not included.