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The Gorge “Canyon”

Length : 750 meters (2,500 feet)
Height of cliffs : 50 meters (164 feet)
Age : 15,000 years
Cause of formation : Melting of a glacier

The creation of this canyon was a very long process, the last Ice Age period goes back to about 50 000 years. At that time, the Wisconsin glacier covered the region. By melting, this ice created Coaticook’s pre-glacial lake. Then the lake gave way to the river that basically dug its bed in the thick rocks and this 15 000 years ago.

Already very impressive, this canyon continues to deepen year after year as Coaticook’s river spawns in the rock mass. In fact, the river sinks about 3 mm (0.1 inches) each year. The landslides along the slopes have allowed some trees to take root on its flanks. The river has stood up against man’s dams and dikes. So much so that nature takes back what belongs to it!


Video credit to Cadabra

The Longest Suspended footbridge in North America

Year of construction : 1988
Length : 169 meters (554 feet)
Height : 50 meters (164 feet)
Width : 2 meters (6.5 feet)
Total weight capacity : 80 tons
Cost : $ 628,000

Built by a local company Couillard Construction, the suspended footbridge is certainly the most spectacular attraction within the Park. As for the construction itself, it took place over six months, from July to December 1988. The official inauguration took place on May 29th 1989.

Overlooking the river, it is possible to enjoy an exceptional view of the canyon and surrounding landscape. Supporting the bridge are cables of 199 meters (653 ft.) in lengths, with a diameter of 5 cm (2 in.). The bridge may hold a load of 800 people of about 90 kg (200 lbs) at the same time.

The bridge is accessible during summer season only by the hiking trail called the sentier de la Gorge and is part of the Foresta Lumina experience.