Yukigassen… The snowball battle

Will you be part of this snowball battle?

Everyone remembers having played throwing snowballs outside and even the famous saying; “war, war it’s not a reason to get hurt!” From the renowned movie “The Dog Who Stopped the War!” Well, here’s your chance to recreate this snowball battle moment between colleagues, friends and/or family!

Yukigassen combines hockey, dodgeball and the flag game. This sport was invented by the Japanese in 1987. It combines methodology, quick judgment, strategy and intelligence. The goal is to eliminate opponents and to steal the flag of the opposite team.


(16 and +)
(4 to 15 years old)

Taxes included

Reservations are required for groups of 14 people or more. A person in-charge will be available on-site to answer your questions. Reservation at 1 888 524-6743.


Refer to the Yukigassen rules and accounting score.

Yukigassen schedule