Yukigassen game rules… The battle of snowballs

How to play?

A game consists of three periods and each period lasts three minutes. Each period is separated by a one-minute break. Each team must count its number of balls at the beginning of the period in order to have an equal number.

A period ends if; a team takes possession of the flag of the opposite team, if all the players on the same team are “withdrawn” or if the time is up.

All players must put their foot in front of the back line, holding as many snowballs as possible in their hands.

Players can not toss snowballs to their teammates but can roll snowballs from one end of the field to the other to supply members of their team.

Accounting score

If both teams have the same number of players on the field at the end of a period, it is declared a tie and each team scores one point per player still on the field.

A team that reaches the opposing flag wins the period by a mark of 10-0.

The team that eliminates each member of the opposite team by reaching them with snowballs wins the period by 7-0.

When the period ends due to lack of time, one point per player still on the field is allocated to each team. The team with the most players still on the field wins the period.

If the game is still equal after compiling points within the three periods, the winning team will be determined by “penalty shots”. Each captain will select five members of his team to throw a ball at a target. The team with the most aimed targets will be declared as the winning team. If the game is still a tie, players continue to shoot from each side until the tie ends.

A player is “withdrawn” in the following situations :

  • Being hit by a snowball.
  • Touches the back line or any contour line with his foot.
  • Hides a snowball anywhere on himself.
  • Tells an opposing player that he is dead, insults or causes any violent contact.

A player declared “withdrawn” must immediately leave the game area and proceed behind the back line of his zone. Once withdrawn he may help gather outside balls.

A player is not “withdrawn” in the following cases :

  • Being hit with a snowball that touched another player before.
  • Being hit by a snowball that hit the ground, blocks or flag before reaching the player.

In case of conflict, the referee shall take the final decision.