Disc golf

Discover the disc golf course - Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook

Disc golf, a sport for all in all seasons!

Disc golf, a dynamic fusion of Frisbee and traditional golf, offers an engaging sporting experience for all ages and skill levels. A course of 9 baskets will be offered in winter and another of 18 baskets will be offered in summer to the delight of amateurs and those who want to live a new experience!

Players throw discs at metal targets, crossing both wooded and open courses. This challenging sport develops coordination, precision and strategy while providing enjoyable outdoor physical activity.

Accessible and friendly, disc golf promotes sociability and encourages an active lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a competitive challenge or simply fun with friends, disc golf promises unforgettable moments of entertainment and well-being.

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3 discs

Service fee and taxes included.

Access to the trails is not included in the rental of the discs, but it is possible to obtain it online by clicking here or on site. You must report to the campsite reception upon your arrival.

Trail map

 Disk golf course map - Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook

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Disc golf course schedule

Useful information

The goal of disc golf is to complete a round with as few throws as possible. Who will be the winner?

  1. Each player starts at the tee area.
  2. The spot where the disc lands becomes the starting point for the next throw.
  3. Players take turns throwing the disc.
  4. The players take turns throwing the disc.
  5. Players throw from where their disc landed.
  6. The disc must come to rest in the basket to complete the hole.
  7. Each player records the number of throws on the scorecard.
  8. The player with the fewest throws on the previous hole starts the next hole.
  1. Player and park user safety is a priority.
  2. Wait for the hole to clear before starting.
  3. Always stand behind the player who is throwing.
  4. If a disc heads toward someone, shout a warning like «FORE!» to signal danger.
  5. Be courteous to all park users.
  6. Stay on the paths to avoid damaging the nature.