Since its creation in 2014, Foresta Lumina has been experienced by more than 700,000 visitors that we like to call “luminaries”.

Did you know that each year, additions are made to this night course! These annual novelties make Foresta Lumina an experience to live and relive!

Come explore the many new features added each year to this magical night trip!



A new waiting area conceived and realized by Moment Factory and Parc de la Gorge de la Coaicook is created. Local refreshments and snacks can be bought thanks to the luciole food truck. Young and old alike will be able to enjoy the fluorescent board to express their creativity!


The free shuttle service is now available from downtown Coaticook to Foresta Lumina. The magic shuttles are tinged with magic so that the entire experience starts upon the arrival in the city of Coaticook. On the course, a “photobooth” section is added to preserve your route in the enchanted forest!


We extend the course with two new zones! “Harmony of the big trees” allows the “luminaries” to sing the fantastic hymn so that the spirit of the forest reveals itself and dazzles them. The area consists of three immersive sections where guests must move to illuminate the symbol of the forest’s spirit!

«Margaret’s Secret» features Margaret, the girl who has lived in the enchanted forest for decades. She has a rare gift which implies seeing magical creatures. This protagonist is fully revealed at the end of the course where the new zone is located. It’s a bit like the traditional end of story “and they lived happily ever after” in fairy tale stories.


We extend the magic with a new zone named “The devil’s lair”! This new projection allows a better understanding of the story surrounding the meeting between Margaret and the devil. Thus, the “luminaries” better understand why the devil is angry and fires the trick playing Tree. The atmosphere of this new area is at once furious, but is still suitable for the entire family. In addition to this new area, the frames section has been redesigned to better understand the meaning of the Foresta Lumina symbol!

The magic of Foresta Lumina is also extended! In downtown Coaticook, follow the red lanterns and their soft melodies and head for a huge multimedia projection in the colors of Foresta Lumina, the night path at Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook. Located near the starting point of the free shuttles traveling between downtown Coaticook and Foresta Lumina, this animation is illuminated according to the same time schedules as Foresta Lumina.


The thunders section was completely revisited for 2019! New soundtrack, new immersive lighting effects, new equipment at the cutting edge of technology!!! It is an area to see absolutely!

The magic of Foresta Lumina has been living in Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook’s Enchanted Forest for 6 seasons! To see the magic, click here.

Come back to relive with us this magical experience! See you soon!

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